What does an office deep cleaning consist of?


Janitorial companies create a cleaning schedule for your office depending on many variables, but when was the last time that you scheduled a deep cleaning for your office? Even if your office is cleaned on a daily or weekly basis, you still need to make sure you schedule a deep cleaning. What does an office deep cleaning consists of?

If you haven’t scheduled a deep cleaning, it is probably time to call your janitorial cleaning company and discuss your options. Every office is different but a usual deep cleaning consist of the following:

Start by doing a high dusting or all vents and light fixtures.
Vacuum all blinds, drapes, windowsills, tracks, etc.
Dust all walls and clean all light switches.
Dust all doors and clean all doorknobs.
Dust all baseboards.
Move all furniture and thoroughly vacuum all carpets or scrub all floors. Make sure to clean all baseboards behind furniture that is usually not cleaned on a regular basis.
Dust and wipe down all surfaced (as employees to remove everything from their desks).
Clean and sanitize all computer keyboards and screen.
Clean all kitchen cabinets, appliances, refrigerator, etc.
Clean all restroom walls, toilets, urinals, sinks.
Do a machine scrub on restrooms floors. This will help eliminate urine smell.
Redo the caulk around the toilets and sinks.
Other services that should be requested for a deep cleaning should be:

Window Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning
High Ceiling Dusting (Especially if you have a warehouse)
Strip and Wax
Ask your commercial cleaning company to create a schedule for you. Scheduling a deep cleaning once a year can be a good start. Deepening on how big your office is the deep cleaning can take some time. Try splitting the cleaning in sections. Stay on top of the cleaning and your office will always look presentable. Hire a cleaning company with the best plan for your needs.

Electrostatic Disinfecting ServicesVictory-Hanhdeld-Sprayer-square
The process of spraying an electrostatic-charged mist onto all surfaces and objects in the facility using EPA registered disinfectant. The spray contains positively charged particles that are able to aggressively adhere to surfaces and objects. The particles in the spray are positively charged, they cling to and coat any surface, including walls, light fixtures, etc.

High Touch Point Disinfecting

Work Scope for Disinfecting Areas (Using EPA Registered Disinfectant):

Wipe down and disinfect conference tables, cubicle desks, cubicle ledges, shelves, cubicles, conference rooms, phone rooms, file cabinet handles and common areas
Wipe down and disinfect front desk and waiting areas
Wipe down and disinfect kitchen tables, kitchen surface spaces, and chairs.
Wipe down and disinfect phones, keyboards and computer mice on all desks
Wipe down and disinfect all entry door handles, conference room door handles, restroom door handles and stall door handles
Wipe down and disinfect stair rails
Clean and disinfect exterior of refrigerators, drink fridge, microwave, toaster oven, coffee makers, kitchen faucet, paper towel holders, etc.